NexTech Limited has established a technological hub at the prestigious Peodesy Plaza, a company-owned building that serves as the nerve center of its operations. This state-of-the-art facility houses key divisions that drive NexTech’s mission to lead in IT consultancy and education. Let’s explore the diverse components that make Peodesy Plaza an epicenter of innovation and learning.

Development Centre: Nurturing Innovation

The Development Centre at Peodesy Plaza is where innovation takes root and blossoms. It serves as the creative epicenter where NexTech’s talented team of developers, engineers, and visionaries collaborate to conceptualize and bring to life cutting-edge solutions. This is where the seeds of technological advancements are planted, cultivated, and eventually harvested to benefit NexTech’s clients and the broader technological landscape.

Software and Hardware Release Centre: Ensuring Quality and Precision

Precision is paramount in the world of technology, and the Software and Hardware Release Centre at Peodesy Plaza is the guardian of this principle. Before any product reaches clients, it undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance in this center. Whether it’s a groundbreaking software application or a state-of-the-art hardware solution, the meticulous processes in place guarantee that what leaves the Release Centre is nothing short of excellence.

Distributor Support Team: Strengthening Partnerships

NexTech understands the importance of a robust support system, especially for its distributors. The Distributor Support Team at Peodesy Plaza plays a crucial role in fostering strong partnerships. This team is dedicated to providing the necessary resources, guidance, and assistance to ensure that NexTech’s solutions seamlessly reach clients through its network of distributors.

International Support Desk and Customer Care Centre: Global Excellence

In an interconnected world, NexTech’s influence extends far beyond the borders of Nairobi. The International Support Desk and Customer Care Centre at Peodesy Plaza cater to a global clientele. This center exemplifies NexTech’s commitment to providing unwavering support to clients worldwide, ensuring that queries are addressed promptly, and customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

NexTech Etouch Centre and Link-up Institute: Subsidiaries Fostering Progress

Peodesy Plaza is not just the headquarters of NexTech; it is also the hub from which two pivotal subsidiaries operate. NexTech Etouch Centre, specializing in eBusiness solutions, and Link-up Institute, a comprehensive Computer training institute, work synergistically to advance NexTech’s vision of innovation and education. These subsidiaries reflect NexTech’s commitment to not only providing cutting-edge solutions but also nurturing the talent that will shape the future of IT.

In conclusion, Peodesy Plaza is more than just a building; it is a symbol of NexTech’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and education. It’s a place where ideas flourish, technology evolves, and individuals are empowered with knowledge. As NexTech continues to pioneer advancements in IT consultancy and education, Peodesy Plaza stands tall as the epicenter of this transformative journey.

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